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Excalibur accepts corporate purchase orders and C.O.D. payments, as well as
Data recovery by Excalibur Data Recovery, New England's data recovery specialists. Data recovery by Excalibur Data Recovery, New England's data recovery specialists.
Data recovery by Excalibur Data Recovery, New England's data recovery specialists.
Educational institutions and government purchase orders accepted. Discounts for non-profit organizations available



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Excalibur Data Recovery specializes in recovering data from almost any primary storage or backup device in use today. Whether the loss occurs at home, in the office or on the road, our expertise is ready to deal with any level of failure imaginable.


Since its incorporation in 1994, Excalibur has stayed current with industry standards, system requirements, various operating systems, applications and the actual hard drive technology itself. Over time, certain drives and models became obsolete. These devices were rapidly replaced with highly sought after, new and improved media, constantly changing with the demands of the user (both personal and business). Dependency created the demand for greater storage capacity. The consumer also expected enhanced performance while maintaining a reasonable price point they could easily afford. While hard drives today are mass produced overseas and considered affordable by all, replaceable, interchangeable and even “disposable”, they contain data as unique as the person that created it. While data can be reproduced in some cases, there are instances where it cannot. The need to understand the personal aspect behind data storage gave birth to the necessity and specialized field of data recovery. Excalibur emerged, became and remains an industry leader today.


Excalibur Data Recovery of Methuen, MassachusettsExcalibur has, over these many years, developed an excellent reputation for data recovery service. We continue to support internal and external devices, desktop units, laptops, networks, mirrored drive sets, RAID arrays of every kind on all levels… plus! Whether it is a single device or multi-drive configuration … whether it is encrypted, password protected, a partial or full corrupted backup or image, software upgrade impairment, virus infection, overwrite, modification, accidental or intentional file tampering … we have developed methods and the expertise to successfully retrieve and recover data.

Excalibur will support any of the major hard drive manufacturers out there today … producers such as Seagate/Maxtor, Western Digital, Fujitsu, Hitachi, IBM and Toshiba … again, ANY system or configuration. Remember, inside the brand name system itself … Dell, Gateway, Toshiba, Acer, HP, Compaq…is the hard drive that contains the data! And when it comes to a reliable and professional information retrieval company, you can count on Excalibur!

Our goal is to perform a successful recovery for each client that enters our facility!

Our highly trained, friendly and experienced staff is ready and waiting to support you.


Excalibur is happy to support Solid State Drives, thumbs and cell phone SD cards. We have evolved to cover just about any storage device imaginable and available today! If you don’t see it listed here, email or call us…we’re just a phone call or click away!

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