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Data Recovery

Excalibur's data recovery technicians specialize in recovering lost data from RAID Arrays, SNAP Servers, desktop and laptop hard drives, DLT and 4mm DAT tape, DVD, CD, JAZ cartridges, Zip disks and floppy diskettes.

Excalibur Data Recovery supports dozens of operating systems including DOS, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows NT, Novell, MAC and Unix.

Excalibur's data recovery staff approaches data retrieval as a two-tier process consisting of an evaluation and then a data recovery attempt. You're provided a quote for each stage BEFORE we begin work so you'll know the cost of each phase BEFORE you make a commitment.

Excalibur Data Recovery provides expedited and weekend emergency service if required. Recovered data is returned on media of choice including CD, DVD, Jaz disk, 4mm, 8mm Dat Tape or another hard drive. Contact us, call our data recovery hotline, or fill out our on-line recovery estimate for a quotation.


Excalibur's data recovery team extracts data from either the primary storage device or backup media from physical and logical damage including:

Head crash
Power Failure
Employee Sabotage
Fire and water damage
Mechanical Failure
Tape cross tracking
Misaligned tape
Tape over write
Tape media error
Lost partition
Computer virus
Leaf node damage
Master boot record damage
Corrupted file allocation table


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