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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - January 10, 2013



Simply put, IN-SCRIPTRecovery is a pro-active approach to data loss and recovery.

IN-SCRIPT is innovative, progressive, inventive, effective, efficient and streamlined program developed exclusively for our clients. It is a user-friendly, cost effective and result producing approach to data recovery service that is truly like no other approach to data recovery service that you have ever experienced.

It is not an INsurance policy, it’s not a subSCRIPTion, it’s not a multi-user license agreement…it’s taking the best features of all three and combining them into one unique recovery program!

Whether you choose a 5- or 10-unit package to start …you will be amazed how simple, efficient and flexible this program really is and how it can easily work and be implemented into your data disaster agenda. If you do not have data recovery service incorporated into your overall disaster recovery plan, this program will afford you the ability to do so.

Whether your organization is small, mid-sized or large, has on site IT professionals or contracts an outside consulting firm or individual… we guarantee this plan will work for you. Whether it is an internal, external or laptop device, this plan WILL work for you…primary secondary or other, this plan WILL work for YOU!

Pre-select a plan based on your individual needs. What do you have in use currently within your organization … do you have older systems under 200GB? What about 250GB, 500GB or 1TB and greater? Are you in the process of upgrading systems and want a backup plan in place should something unexpected happen to your data?

You can combine options to cover a particular drive, carry over those incidents that go unused or trade in and trade up as your needs change. Your agreement never truly expires, that is, until the allotted number of per incident recoveries covered by your plan is fully consumed. Then, the easy part of IN-SCRIPT is, once you find how simple this program is and where the need reside … reorder accordingly. It’s that simple. One department, multiple departments, multiple locations…each can have a pre-approved resource in place to act when time is of the essence and recouping lost data is imperative.

With a program prepaid and in place, you do not waste time or energy calling around for a quote from random or unknown resources scouring and trusting the internet, you do not have to wait for internal approval through a cost center, management evaluation of critical/not critical downtime events, unplanned budget expenditures or wait for the contractor or service provider to evaluate the need for recovery once they’re called to do an on site inspection.

All of the wasted time prepping to get approval just to get to the point you can submit the device is GONE! All you need to decide is “do I want the drive I have recovered … yes or no”?

Today the average cost of a single hard drive recovery is approximately $1600-2500 per incident, per device, based primarily on storage capacity, format, data consumption and circumstances behind the loss or failure.

With most companies requiring approval from management for this type of expenditure, most per incident losses require a vast amount of time and energy … days or even weeks…before a drive is approved to release for service. Management is in meetings, budget approval is required and point of contact cost center personnel are unavailable … people are out sick or on vacation … the company is in transition … it happens. It happens to us all…never an “if”, just always a “when”.

Package Highlights/Benefits:

  • If a device is submitted and deemed unrecoverable, the unit expended for service is added back to your plan for future use within the year of initial purchase.

  • Units may be combined to suit a particular unit…combine Qty. 2 –250gb units to accommodate a 500gb drive.

  • If the units are unused throughout the year, you may roll them over (at a prorated value) to acquire additional coverage for the following year.

  • If a portion of the units purchased no longer suit the user environment, unused portions may be traded in to upgrade coverage based on the current needs of the user/organization.

  • When all units acquired are consumed, renew or increase from a 5 to 10 unit package - design as you see fit for the various departments and/or divisions of your company … as a service provider, you have a value added service in place to support your end users/clients, regardless of the environment or type of business or data generated! It truly is a great recovery enhancement for any size company … small, medium or large … it works and is affordable for all! Get yours TODAY!

Of course, any per incident recovery for failed media always welcome!

Excalibur is conveniently located at:
13 BRANCH ST., STE. 207B, METHUEN, MA 01844
978-681-1200 800-466-0893 excaliburdr@rcn.com



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